Thursday, September 13, 2007

James- big boy or little?

Just when I think James is such a big boy, something happens and I realize he's really still a little boy. I finished his nightly bath and decided to put him in his new footed pajamas because its going to be cold tonight. The pjs reminded me of his little baby pjs and he looked very little sitting up in the crib and looking up at me. I felt sad leaving him in the semidark room, alone. He fell asleep really quickly tonight so no worries.

Sorry, no pictures of the pjs because I didn't want to blind a sleepy James with the camera flash!

Daycare is still going well. I was told he ate really well and they played outside. I'm glad they are active and the day is full. Pretty soon they'll be playing out in the snow!

I spoke with Grandpa Frank last night and he and Julie are definitely coming out in January! I'll be so happy to see them together with James.

Up for this weekend: On Saturday we're hoping to visit the apple orchard for a lovely fall day :) And on Saturday night Tia Ana and Tio Rich are coming to visit. Yay! And on Sunday we'll hang out and possibly go to the Lakes' Old Fashioned Day. Our development is having a family day- we won't be able to participate in much because James is too little, but we may go to meet other people. We'll see!

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