Saturday, November 29, 2014

Work so far

The first trimester of school/work is done. It's been a busy, full year so far.


I'm the food shelf lead at my school. I get the credit for starting up the food shelf but I always think it's been a group effort. We keep the shelves full of ready-to-eat foods. We have a church that restocks us occasionally but we also do a bit of fundraising and rely on staff donations.

Student come into our Falcon Nest to fill up backpacks on Fridays, before weekends at home.


We have some school supplies and winter clothing too.


It's been a busier than normal school year when it comes to student needs. Already I've had 7-8 students ask for winter coats. This was surprising because last year (one of the coldest winters) we barely had any requests.


I had a chance to take a group of students on a college visit in September. It was a fun group of kids.


They kinda think I'm a dork sometimes.


The good people of the Anoka Hennepin Bullying Task Force voted in the early fall to allow schools to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender people in history.


We jumped on this right away! My Gay Straight Alliance group was excited to help with a huge display case in our school. Each month we celebrate months like Hispanic Heritage, Black History, and then days like Veteran's Day and MLK. Why not LGBT history?


We had a rainbow curtain serving as a backdrop for a while- for photos until we, as an after school group, worked on in spring quotes to display.


The display case was up during October, when we had the majority of parent teacher conferences too. My principal told me later that he watched several same sex couples (parents) look at the display. It felt good knowing they hopefully felt included at our school!


On to second trimester, for both myself and James!


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