Friday, November 28, 2014

Severs Corn Maze

I love fall.

So when Grandma Rose invited us over for a fun fall day at Severs Corn Maze, we were all over it. James has been there before, with the same Grandma, but it was my first time.

It's just in the lots outside of Canterbury Downs but it was bigger than I thought.


Such a pretty, fall day! Lots of blue sky and clouds.


And then the corn pit happened. I wasn't appropriately dressed so Grandma Rose was brave enough to play with James in the dusty pit.

He tackled her immediately!




And pushed her in!




But she couldn't have a bigger smile. She's with her handsome, fun grandson!



When we were able to drag James away from the corn pit he found the hay bale maze. The kids weren't really going through the maze normally, but leaping across the rows. James followed along.




He's down on the end, waving.


So there was a corn maze but we didn't go through it. James took a fall on the hay bales and wasn't up to it. It was just as well- none of us were confident we could get out!





Back to the corn pit!



And for your viewing pleasure I put together video clips from the day. I had my new fancy iphone with slowmo video so I had fun recording :)


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