Sunday, November 30, 2014

Early November

Jim was out of town again.

I kept myself busy by assembling my new Eiffel Tower. I even found the bride and groom from our wedding cake.


Another work related item-

A small group of my students chose to trick or treat for nonperishables instead of candy. It's called the We Scare Hunger project. The food went to our own food shelf at CRMS, the Falcon Nest. Yay kids!


James started texting with his own iPod. Tía ChaCha got some of the first texts on her birthday!


Later, a little FaceTime with Dad while playing Skylanders.



Our washing machine broke down. We got desperate for clean (chonies) clothing so I went to the laundromat. I have a new appreciation for at-home conveniences. The laundromat is not someplace I want to hang out and each load costs $4! Just for the wash. It's no wonder many of my students look disheveled and/or smell :(


Appreciate all that you have!


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