Saturday, November 29, 2014

My 40th

Jim decorated :)

We had some of my work friends and my immediate family over for a casual party. Jim surprised me with decorating, ordering apps, and having enough drinks :)


"What do we need all these bottles for?"


I made Apple Cider sangria. Yum.


The basement was prepped and the arcade game was fired up!


James was safe at a friend's for a sleepover (his first!)


I carried his backpack, he swung his sleeping bag.



Oh and a cake! Jim had this custom sugar topper made. I love Wonder Woman :)


The drinks were more popular.


Most of the guys hung out in the man cave, near the big TV and pool table. Husbands of teacher friends.


Two of my work besties, missing Peggy. I spend the most time with these besties.


Friends replenished my wine and tequila supply :) :) :)


And I received a few thoughtful gifts.

It was a great party! You know you throw a good party when someone uses a snow sled down your carpeted stairs!


And at work the following week my office was decorated. Kids found out that it was my birthday too. They were very kind and said they thought it was an age between 27 and 35. 40 is as old (or older) than THEIR parents so they were shocked.




That night my boys took me out to dinner and we went to Big Bowl, one of my favorites. It's become one of James' favorites too because he loves their calamari!

I was happy to see my super brilliant boy happy with this math puzzle. Only one error if you look closely and he was doing all the math in his head, and not using scratch paper. So proud!


Thanks to all for making 40 no big deal!


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