Friday, November 28, 2014

Renaissance Festival, early September 2014

Oh just looking at these blue skies and sun makes me wish for summer already.

Jim and I hold the Renaissance Festival close to our hearts- one of our best first dates way back in 2001. James wasn't even a twinkle in our eyes! But it was nice to experience this with him. We told him beforehand that the Festival is much like Minecraft- weapons, villagers, blacksmiths, etc. He wasn't disappointed.

Well, at first he was whiny. We arrived there at the gate opening. We had to wait briefly and we were all impatient. And crowded.


We found the quirky villagers right away. Pickle salesman had these buttons.


James spied a treat he just HAD TO have. Cookie ice cream sandwich.


We sat for an exciting fire show. James doesn't look too excited but he perked up.




On to the weapons! James got a sword and holster.


Tried his luck at the kiddie games. Frog catapults here.




And we spied a gnome! #gnomebomb



When we ran into these guardsmen James was better armed- he just bought a rubber band crossbow.


This character kinda creeped me out. He was very nice to James.


Our adventurous boy wanted to climb this tower. Yup, that'd be great!


He didn't make it all the way up but we were impressed by his effort.

I think maybe he got another kind of education here- this young lady was showing quite a bit!


I'd say he made it halfway up.


More catapults.



And crossbow shooting.


And strongman efforts. Pretty cute.



It was quite the day! We had a lot of family fun :)
























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