Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday, James!

Sneaky surprised us in his cupcake outfit, just for James! Actually, James remembered that Sneaky would come. He reminded me the night before which was good because I needed to scrounge up the materials!




I asked James to please smile nicely because we needed to send Dad a picture. Jim was out of town on the actual birthday day, and so we celebrated earlier that weekend. I knew Dad would want to see James looking EIGHT years old though!

For a birthday treat I picked up James from school. We were headed to ToysRUs for a quick purchase, using Sneaky's $8 and then we were going on a birthday date!

James greeted me with birthday wishes all over his tshirt. I'm glad his classroom recognized his birthday (they don't allow treats anymore..!)

After TRU, on to the Tavern! And calamari! And birthday kisses and selfies!



All of the Skylanders traps he scored at TRU. I may have gone overboard. He had his $8, I decided to chip in a bit and then if you spent $20 you got another free! Well, $25 later...


But he got the Kaos trap and ran into the house to show Sneaky! Luckily Sneaky was still there.


Birthday mail arrived! A gift card from Tía Kiki got many smiles! He quickly went on Amazon and spend that!


More birthday mail. Silly face!


My dear sweet baby is eight. It is hard to believe! He gives us so much joy and we know we are truly lucky to have such a sweet, kind, generous, smart, fun, sensitive, respectful, and loving young man as our son!


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