Sunday, November 30, 2014

Family birthdays

We have three family birthdays close together on my side of the family. We celebrated together this year and it was great!

My sister Ana and BIL Rich are great hosts. I took pictures of things around their house while they cooked us some grub. (get in my belly!)









James had already received his new iPod from his dear, generous parents so he kept himself busy while the adults got things done :)


After a fabulous home cooked dinner (no pictures, sorry) we celebrated with cake and ice cream. The three birthday peeps had the honors of blowing out the candles.


Chocolate chip cake (mine) and ice cream from Sebastian Joe's in Minneapolis. Omg good!


Tía ChaCha always gives the best books... That we end up reading over and over and over again :)


Thanks for a great celebration!


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