Monday, February 20, 2012

Swimming like a fish!

I have fallen out of blogging. I need to just sit down and sort through the pictures I want to share.

James' lessons continue to go really, really well. He practices holding his breath, putting his face in the water, and floating in the bathtub.

He really surprised his instructor by holding his face in the water for a rapid count of 13! He does it in the bath now and it scares me seeing him down for so long! He loves it though (:

So the other boys are younger and immature. It was really obvious tonight when the instructor struggled to control the younger boys. James just sat and watched patiently, waiting for his turn.

And you'll see in the first video that she sorta loses control of the two littler boys and then James goes under.  I stop recording, I was concerned and ready to jump in, but he popped up on his own and arranged himself on the little platform that's submerged under him.  

We moved to the other (deeper) side of the pool for jumping in. No fear!

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