Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's James Doing Now?

James and his Daddy are looking at Lego sets online.

"That Star Wars ship is $260!?!"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's James Doing NOW?

Snuggled on the couch with a pillow, blanket, and (what's-left-of) Blankie.

It must be a natural instinct to get cozy on a dreary, rainy day.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Love

James told me at bedtime, "I had fun with you, Mommy." And we hugged and kissed goodnight. I was at the door and he told me one last thing-

"Mom, you make my heart happy."

Awwwww. I had to go back for another kiss and tell him that he makes my heart happy too. I wanted to cry with happiness.


Not to tell you James' business, but he was on the potty for about 35 minutes tonight. Constipated. He locks himself in the bathroom lately so I had to get him to open the door. I kept my ears open, wondering what was going on. I eventually heard soft whimpers. Poor baby.

He ended up giving up but I told him that tomorrow the poop will come. I gave him big hugs and told him I was proud of him. He's a good little boy.

Dr. James

I stayed home today with an upset stomach. I've had a few episodes of cramps and just general uneasiness. I wonder if it's just stress :(

Well, when James got home from daycare he looked for his stepstool. I didn't know why but I found out that he needed it to reach "his gloves". His dentist gave him a pair of gloves to play with and James thought he needed to put them on and check my "throat". I guess what he really meant was that he needed to touch my forehead for a temperature.

I have been diagnosed as "Not Sick!" Oh good :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another doctor?

But my eyes are fine, said James!

We needed to take James to ANOTHER doctor (taking care of all of our business in the last week) because at his preschool training they mentioned he needed a more thorough eye exam. I guess they didn't think he had 20/20 vision. That still might be true but this doctor didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

When I showed James this picture later he said this looked like a batman mask. He's right :)

Jim and I sat quietly during the entire exam but I was a little worried because James wasn't identifying the letters correctly, well maybe 40% the time. I thought maybe he just didn't know some of the alphabet letters on the spot.

So everything was fine. We did our parental duty and took James to a follow-up eye exam. We can report to the school district that our child is normal and fine.
James handled himself well, again. He seemed like he was going to put up a fuss at the beginning but he walked back with the doctor and sat in the big chair.
We went to happy hour/dinner after the appointment. One of our favorite restaurants is right across the street from the eye doctor. Yay.

Superhero table toys.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thanks Dora!

And Dr. Keis! After such a great doctor's visit the other day, I wasn't as worried about this morning's dentist appointment but I was still wondered how James would do. Last year he didn't cooperate much so I had high hopes for today.

In the waiting room... Ooooh fish. Pets :)

Alice was very nice. She explained everything to James and made a deal that everything would be quick and okay.

I was so surprised that he sat so still and cooperated for his xrays! Thanks Dora for writing that book on dentists. James, I think, could mentally refer to that book and the things that Dora described in her dentist visit. Xrays was one of them.

Explaining that she was going to take pictures of his teeth.

Alone in the room for xrays. He looks so small!

Getting ready to clean and floss.

Alice used an "explorer" to look in his mouth, just like in Dora.

The dentist came in after Alice and explained that James' xrays were good. The only thing worth noting was that his front teeth roots were shortened or something, and he asked if James had ever taken a fall or had trauma to his mouth. Ummmm, noooooo.... I guess it's possible that he could have fallen and we didn't notice or know. It's nothing to be concerned about, but his front teeth might fall out sooner than normal.

Otherwise no cavities!!!!!!!!!!!! And everything looks good and on schedule.

Play by James

I posted this picture a few days ago. James and I had a "secret" for a few days. He wanted to put on a play for his Daddy and I helped him. I found a "curtain", he decorated his room (funny- he hung Blankie on a doorknob, put on his steam humidifier, and he scattered some toys around the room.) We also made this sign, that you can barely see. It says "PLAY by James". He signed the James part.

So last night he wanted to put on another play BUT he wanted his Mommy and Daddy to be the actors. Oh yeah, and first I was going to be the Director. (How the heck does he know what a director is? I always assume it's something he learned at daycare.) He wanted to sit in the chair and be the audience this time. So Mommy and Daddy were pushed in the closet and forced to perform. James joined me in the closet eventually and we put on another play.

Lifting the curtain to make sure Daddy is watching.

After the play Daddy gave James a horsey ride in the hallway.

James thrills us with his creativity and good sense of fun.

Where's my Pet?

James' daycare took an informal survey of its students. I don't see "No Pet", so I wonder what James answered?

I bet he said we have a bunny.

It's a Pet theme at daycare.

Maybe James' Daddy will be inspired to get us a pet?? I vote for a Pug. Or a kitten!

Doctor Keis

I scheduled a follow-up doctor's appointment, to check on the monster in James' ear. Turns out, it's gone!

I was pleasantly surprised that James didn't put up a fight or cry about going to the doctor. It probably helped that I mentioned going out for a donut afterwards. James asked for a bagel instead. DEAL!

Waiting for the doctor, Blankie was not far away.

James showed me his "waiting face".

This is his "surprised face".

James was so charming and wonderful when the doctor came in.

And cooperative!

He left the doctor's office saying, "The doctor's office is cool!" The nurses all smiled :)
We headed to Panera for a bagel. I had coffee, sweeeeeeeet coffee.

This is the bagel piece that James said looked like Batman's mask.

Relief. No lingering ear infection. A happy, well-fed child. A happy Mommy!

Thursday, March 3, 2011