Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thanks Dora!

And Dr. Keis! After such a great doctor's visit the other day, I wasn't as worried about this morning's dentist appointment but I was still wondered how James would do. Last year he didn't cooperate much so I had high hopes for today.

In the waiting room... Ooooh fish. Pets :)

Alice was very nice. She explained everything to James and made a deal that everything would be quick and okay.

I was so surprised that he sat so still and cooperated for his xrays! Thanks Dora for writing that book on dentists. James, I think, could mentally refer to that book and the things that Dora described in her dentist visit. Xrays was one of them.

Explaining that she was going to take pictures of his teeth.

Alone in the room for xrays. He looks so small!

Getting ready to clean and floss.

Alice used an "explorer" to look in his mouth, just like in Dora.

The dentist came in after Alice and explained that James' xrays were good. The only thing worth noting was that his front teeth roots were shortened or something, and he asked if James had ever taken a fall or had trauma to his mouth. Ummmm, noooooo.... I guess it's possible that he could have fallen and we didn't notice or know. It's nothing to be concerned about, but his front teeth might fall out sooner than normal.

Otherwise no cavities!!!!!!!!!!!! And everything looks good and on schedule.

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  1. That book where Dora goes to the dentist really helps kids prepare for their visit to the dentist! Anyway, James sure is a trooper there. He went through all the checkups like a boss!