Monday, March 7, 2011

Another doctor?

But my eyes are fine, said James!

We needed to take James to ANOTHER doctor (taking care of all of our business in the last week) because at his preschool training they mentioned he needed a more thorough eye exam. I guess they didn't think he had 20/20 vision. That still might be true but this doctor didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

When I showed James this picture later he said this looked like a batman mask. He's right :)

Jim and I sat quietly during the entire exam but I was a little worried because James wasn't identifying the letters correctly, well maybe 40% the time. I thought maybe he just didn't know some of the alphabet letters on the spot.

So everything was fine. We did our parental duty and took James to a follow-up eye exam. We can report to the school district that our child is normal and fine.
James handled himself well, again. He seemed like he was going to put up a fuss at the beginning but he walked back with the doctor and sat in the big chair.
We went to happy hour/dinner after the appointment. One of our favorite restaurants is right across the street from the eye doctor. Yay.

Superhero table toys.

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