Saturday, March 5, 2011

Doctor Keis

I scheduled a follow-up doctor's appointment, to check on the monster in James' ear. Turns out, it's gone!

I was pleasantly surprised that James didn't put up a fight or cry about going to the doctor. It probably helped that I mentioned going out for a donut afterwards. James asked for a bagel instead. DEAL!

Waiting for the doctor, Blankie was not far away.

James showed me his "waiting face".

This is his "surprised face".

James was so charming and wonderful when the doctor came in.

And cooperative!

He left the doctor's office saying, "The doctor's office is cool!" The nurses all smiled :)
We headed to Panera for a bagel. I had coffee, sweeeeeeeet coffee.

This is the bagel piece that James said looked like Batman's mask.

Relief. No lingering ear infection. A happy, well-fed child. A happy Mommy!

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