Tuesday, January 29, 2008

James and Mama

Just the two of us tonight. It was actually a very short night. I had a late afternoon because I had an after school group and by the time I picked up James it was 4:30. We then stopped for some take out dinner and we made it home in time for James' dinner (5:15). He ate very well, but I know its because he didn't really eat anything at Sandra's. He's been off and on with his eating. Luckily, he makes Mama feel accomplished at night because I can usually get him to eat well.

We're working on James saying "Mama"- oh what a day that will be! Tonight we worked on "O-kay" He loves when I say "O", he giggles hysterically. Its a fun game when we're in the car.

Bath time has been a bit more successful too since I've started to add soap bubbles to the water. I make a game of hiding his toys under the bubbles, distracting him while I wash his hair or his bum. One day he actually sat in the water and played for almost two minutes!

I had a nightmare last night that I accidentally left James in the Target bathroom (in a shower?) and he was lost. I cried in my sleep. I think I've been seeing too many stories of (child) loss in the news, or stories of sick kids. It makes me sad.

James had a red eyelid (not the actual eye) for a few days. I called the doctor on Friday because I was concerned it could be an eye infection. From what I told the nurse, it didn't sound like it. She told me to wash the eye with warm water often. On Monday morning it was still slightly red and so I made a doctor's appointment. Of course it cleared up during that day and then this morning it was completely gone. We didn't end up going to the doctor after all. We do have his 15 month wellness appointment next week. I can't wait to see how James is progressing.

James is still walking and climbing all over the place. Tonight he fell off the couch, slipping and falling on his side. It wasn't a hard fall at all, but I hope he learned that he can't walk on the couch safely. I'm sure we'll have many more falls. Tonight all I had to do to distract him from crying was make funny screeching sounds as I ran around the house, bouncing with him in my arms. He LOVES this. (I think Tia Ana started this.)

I heart James.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Half monkey

I had a wonderful day off with James. We stayed home today to say goodbye to Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie. They came over with Tia Ana for lunch and goodbyes. James, thankfully, was in a good mood and was all smiles and playful.

We hated to say goodbye but we know we will see Grandpa & Grandma in June. We are making a trip to San Diego! woohoo!

Tia Ana referred to James as "Half Monkey" because of his love of bananas. No matter how fussy James can be with food, he will never turn down a banana. I think once he even said "Nana" when I brought out a banana for part of his dinner.

James is also part monkey because of his newfound couch climbing skills. There is no stopping him from climbing all over the couches now. We will definitely need to babyproof the areas behind and around the couch. We are thinking of pushing the couch to the wall on the side and then in the back. I hate to think of James falling off the couch, it is inevitable and I'd like to lessen the dangers!

Its already been a full, fun week and its only Tuesday!

Please see our two videos below and the video on the main page. New pictures too!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

We've had a very busy week. I'm very sorry for the infrequent updates lately. I've been busier than ever at work and then concentrating on spending time with our family once we're at home after work.

We also had to get ready for Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie's visit! They arrived on Wednesday and were able to get over to Blaine on Thursday. They stayed at home with James for Thursday and Friday. It was very cute when they arrived at our door. We were waiting because we knew they were arriving that morning. James was his usual happy self and he walked to the front door to meet our company. He walked right up to his Grandpa, squealed, and then ran away. I think Grandpa was in disbelief that James was the same baby he saw last January!

Grandpa Frank and Tio Rich went on their ice fishing trip on Saturday, leaving the ladies at home with James (& Jim). James was not at his best, a little fussy but still very cute. He also stopped eating well. Well, we hope that James is back to normal very soon. I suppose its normal to have these ups and downs.

James' new repeated words: "no-no-no" and "wow". We think he's also signing "more". I have to check with Sandra to see if she is teaching James sign language but it looks like more. Jim and I have both seen James sign "more" when he was looking at his board book of sign language. He doesn't seem to be doing it to mean "more", but he does it randomly. Still, our baby is a genius and using sign language :)

Oh, and another new skill. James is able to climb on to the couch. Yikes. He pulls himself up to the couch (7 out of 10 times successfully) and then grabs every forbidden thing he can (remote controls, anything on the windowsill behind the couch) and we're afraid he's going to fall in between the couch and the wall. James definitely keeps us on our toes!

Can you believe I have not taken ONE picture since my Dad and Julie have arrived? Julie has taken some pictures and she'll email me those later. I hope to take some pictures on Tuesday when we say goodbye to them.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend updates & Upcoming plans

We ended up going to the zoo on Sunday instead. It was a pleasant couple of hours, though James didn't really look at any of the animals. I think because of his new walking skills he was just so excited to be on the loose! It wasn't too hard to keep up with him (yet) but we can just imagine what it will be like when he's off and running! Yikes! So the zoo will probably be one of those places that James will love when he's older- maybe this summer?

Tia Ana and Tio Rich came over on Saturday afternoon and spent the evening with us. James had a great time playing with everyone.

James is eating very well. Just tonight he ate all of this: chicken/potato balls, squash, mac n cheese, mandarin oranges, yogurt. His little big belly grows each day :)

Upcoming: Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie are coming on Wednesday! We will see them on Thursday, until Grandpa Frank leaves for his ice fishing trip on Saturday. It will be a great time and we can't wait for them to see James.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Slowing down

I've been slowing down on my journal entries and even picture taking! I might have some new pictures in my camera (at home), I'll have to check tonight.

Well, its been a rough week getting back into the groove of working and taking James to daycare again. James adjusted back just fine, and seemed happy to be back with his friends. Sandra said he seems to have grown another inch and matured a lot in two weeks- he's walking, he's drinking all milk, he's playing and interacting more, he's independent, etc. James is just amazing!

Weekend plans: Tia Ana and Theo Tio Rich are coming over for dinner on Saturday, after Jim and I take James to the zoo! We are so excited that James is at an age where he is more aware of his surroundings and interested in doing things. The zoo has great indoor exhibits so we hope to take advantage of that (and using up our zoo membership).

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Children's Museum

James was a paying customer, the first time in his whole life! Children over the age of ONE pay admission to get into the Children's Museum. We wondered if James could pass as a 11 month old, but we laughed and figured NO. He looks too mature!

James really loved the exhibits that we took him to. We first went into the Habitot, where James climbed, walked, touched, and people watched to his heart's content. There were TONS of parents and kids, all with children the same age or older as James. There were lots of cute kids, but James was definitely the cutest. He charmed people with his smiles and his big brown eyes.

We really liked the Habitot because it offered so much for James to do. There were lots of different surfaces and climbing pads, stairs, ramps, windows to look out (some terrifying to US as adults, looking down four stories to the street was scary), etc. James and I had been to the CM once during last summer but he was barely sitting up and couldn't enjoy everything that he did today. What a difference!

The Sesame Street exhibit was pretty cool too. There was lots of history for the adults to read but lots of interactive things for the kids. James doesn't watch much Sesame Street yet but he does seem to like Elmo and the other furry characters. He sometimes squeals and puts his hand up to the sky (a sign of excitement?) when he sees Sesame Street on the TV.

Please see our pictures in the baby album from the museum. There is a cute one of Jim and James on the Sesame Street front steps and then one of James and I when we appeared "on TV" with Elmo. I don't think James quite got it, but it was fun for us!

Another cute area for James was the Water Works. We put a just right sized smock on James so that he could play in the water areas. He loved it! He liked the ping pong balls and putting them in the water pressure tubes, watching them get sucked up and then spit out into the water. A little girl next to him had some trouble sharing but James was great and didn't get upset. He was very patient and I would hand him balls when I could get them from the over-enthusiastic girl.

It must have been an exhausting day. James took a second nap in the car on the way home, and then we ALL took naps from 2pm to 4:30. It was a fun family day!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


James ate extremely well today! I've successfully got him down to the amount of milk he should be drinking (between 16-20 oz) and eating well for meals and snacks. Here's what he ate today:

Breakfast- 5 oz whole milk

Bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon & banana, mashed (HUGE amount)

Snack- Multigrain cinnamon waffle, peaches

Water in sippy cup

Lunch- 4 1/2 oz whole milk

Lasagna (noodles only, despite my efforts to get him to eat the beef), sweet potato chips

Snack- Finger licking chicken & potato balls, freeze dried mango, strawberry, and blueberry mix

Dinner- 2 more chicken balls, peas, provolone shredded cheese, yogurt, peaches

Bedtime- 5 oz whole milk

This might seem carb heavy but the chicken balls have carrots in them too, so a hidden veggie. I've been making recipes from my cookbook, First Meals- 1) sweet potato baked "chips", 2) veggie bites (grated zucchini, carrots, and potato patties, sauteed) & 3) chicken & potato balls (mashed potatoes and parsnips, cooked carrots, chicken, and onion, balled up and then sauteed in light oil/butter). And right now we're just concentrating on him getting foods that he likes, and getting used to eating real meals.

It seems like I'm constantly feeding him! But I'm glad he's eating well and I'm trying to fill him with nutritious foods.

James did two very cute things today. The first thing was when I was lying on the floor with him, after we played. My shirt must have come up a little because he saw my bare skin on my stomach. He lunged at me, smiled, and then gave me a "motorboat" kiss. It tickled so much that I was laughing hysterically and so James laughed his special laugh. The laugh that makes us laugh because its so deep and genuine. James kept blowing on my stomach and I kept laughing, for about 5-6 times. It was so cute! I think he remembered that I do that to his tummy so he was returning the favor :)

The second cute thing is captured in the Baby Album. I found him giving "besos" to his Tia Kristina in his photo album. I swear he was doing this on his own! I quickly grabbed the camera and asked him to do it again. He actually did so that's what you see. He was babbling happily and giving big "besos".

My little boy just made me very happy today. It was fun playing with him and even just watching him when he played by himself with his books, cars, or piggy bank.

Blankie is featured in our baby album. I felt the need to take its picture before its unrecognizable. James loves that thing and I worry constantly that we're going to lose it when we're out and about. So far, so good!

Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie are coming soon! I can't wait for James to see them!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

None of us made to midnight. We never do :)

We had a relaxing day, starting off the New Year just right. James was busy with playing and keeping Mama smiling. He is just so cute walking around constantly and carrying things here and there. Today his favorite thing to carry was his sippy cup. We are so glad that he's taking water and even some milk from the sippy cup. I don't think James is ready to give up his bottles yet but at least he knows what a sippy cup is now. All of a sudden he gets it!

Eating is still a challenge, trying to get all of his food groups in to the day, but we're getting there.

I noticed today that our baby is now walking completely. No more crawling. He doesn't need to!

Happy New Year!


Lisa, Jim, and James