Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend updates & Upcoming plans

We ended up going to the zoo on Sunday instead. It was a pleasant couple of hours, though James didn't really look at any of the animals. I think because of his new walking skills he was just so excited to be on the loose! It wasn't too hard to keep up with him (yet) but we can just imagine what it will be like when he's off and running! Yikes! So the zoo will probably be one of those places that James will love when he's older- maybe this summer?

Tia Ana and Tio Rich came over on Saturday afternoon and spent the evening with us. James had a great time playing with everyone.

James is eating very well. Just tonight he ate all of this: chicken/potato balls, squash, mac n cheese, mandarin oranges, yogurt. His little big belly grows each day :)

Upcoming: Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie are coming on Wednesday! We will see them on Thursday, until Grandpa Frank leaves for his ice fishing trip on Saturday. It will be a great time and we can't wait for them to see James.

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