Saturday, January 5, 2008

Children's Museum

James was a paying customer, the first time in his whole life! Children over the age of ONE pay admission to get into the Children's Museum. We wondered if James could pass as a 11 month old, but we laughed and figured NO. He looks too mature!

James really loved the exhibits that we took him to. We first went into the Habitot, where James climbed, walked, touched, and people watched to his heart's content. There were TONS of parents and kids, all with children the same age or older as James. There were lots of cute kids, but James was definitely the cutest. He charmed people with his smiles and his big brown eyes.

We really liked the Habitot because it offered so much for James to do. There were lots of different surfaces and climbing pads, stairs, ramps, windows to look out (some terrifying to US as adults, looking down four stories to the street was scary), etc. James and I had been to the CM once during last summer but he was barely sitting up and couldn't enjoy everything that he did today. What a difference!

The Sesame Street exhibit was pretty cool too. There was lots of history for the adults to read but lots of interactive things for the kids. James doesn't watch much Sesame Street yet but he does seem to like Elmo and the other furry characters. He sometimes squeals and puts his hand up to the sky (a sign of excitement?) when he sees Sesame Street on the TV.

Please see our pictures in the baby album from the museum. There is a cute one of Jim and James on the Sesame Street front steps and then one of James and I when we appeared "on TV" with Elmo. I don't think James quite got it, but it was fun for us!

Another cute area for James was the Water Works. We put a just right sized smock on James so that he could play in the water areas. He loved it! He liked the ping pong balls and putting them in the water pressure tubes, watching them get sucked up and then spit out into the water. A little girl next to him had some trouble sharing but James was great and didn't get upset. He was very patient and I would hand him balls when I could get them from the over-enthusiastic girl.

It must have been an exhausting day. James took a second nap in the car on the way home, and then we ALL took naps from 2pm to 4:30. It was a fun family day!

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