Tuesday, January 29, 2008

James and Mama

Just the two of us tonight. It was actually a very short night. I had a late afternoon because I had an after school group and by the time I picked up James it was 4:30. We then stopped for some take out dinner and we made it home in time for James' dinner (5:15). He ate very well, but I know its because he didn't really eat anything at Sandra's. He's been off and on with his eating. Luckily, he makes Mama feel accomplished at night because I can usually get him to eat well.

We're working on James saying "Mama"- oh what a day that will be! Tonight we worked on "O-kay" He loves when I say "O", he giggles hysterically. Its a fun game when we're in the car.

Bath time has been a bit more successful too since I've started to add soap bubbles to the water. I make a game of hiding his toys under the bubbles, distracting him while I wash his hair or his bum. One day he actually sat in the water and played for almost two minutes!

I had a nightmare last night that I accidentally left James in the Target bathroom (in a shower?) and he was lost. I cried in my sleep. I think I've been seeing too many stories of (child) loss in the news, or stories of sick kids. It makes me sad.

James had a red eyelid (not the actual eye) for a few days. I called the doctor on Friday because I was concerned it could be an eye infection. From what I told the nurse, it didn't sound like it. She told me to wash the eye with warm water often. On Monday morning it was still slightly red and so I made a doctor's appointment. Of course it cleared up during that day and then this morning it was completely gone. We didn't end up going to the doctor after all. We do have his 15 month wellness appointment next week. I can't wait to see how James is progressing.

James is still walking and climbing all over the place. Tonight he fell off the couch, slipping and falling on his side. It wasn't a hard fall at all, but I hope he learned that he can't walk on the couch safely. I'm sure we'll have many more falls. Tonight all I had to do to distract him from crying was make funny screeching sounds as I ran around the house, bouncing with him in my arms. He LOVES this. (I think Tia Ana started this.)

I heart James.

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