Thursday, January 3, 2008


James ate extremely well today! I've successfully got him down to the amount of milk he should be drinking (between 16-20 oz) and eating well for meals and snacks. Here's what he ate today:

Breakfast- 5 oz whole milk

Bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon & banana, mashed (HUGE amount)

Snack- Multigrain cinnamon waffle, peaches

Water in sippy cup

Lunch- 4 1/2 oz whole milk

Lasagna (noodles only, despite my efforts to get him to eat the beef), sweet potato chips

Snack- Finger licking chicken & potato balls, freeze dried mango, strawberry, and blueberry mix

Dinner- 2 more chicken balls, peas, provolone shredded cheese, yogurt, peaches

Bedtime- 5 oz whole milk

This might seem carb heavy but the chicken balls have carrots in them too, so a hidden veggie. I've been making recipes from my cookbook, First Meals- 1) sweet potato baked "chips", 2) veggie bites (grated zucchini, carrots, and potato patties, sauteed) & 3) chicken & potato balls (mashed potatoes and parsnips, cooked carrots, chicken, and onion, balled up and then sauteed in light oil/butter). And right now we're just concentrating on him getting foods that he likes, and getting used to eating real meals.

It seems like I'm constantly feeding him! But I'm glad he's eating well and I'm trying to fill him with nutritious foods.

James did two very cute things today. The first thing was when I was lying on the floor with him, after we played. My shirt must have come up a little because he saw my bare skin on my stomach. He lunged at me, smiled, and then gave me a "motorboat" kiss. It tickled so much that I was laughing hysterically and so James laughed his special laugh. The laugh that makes us laugh because its so deep and genuine. James kept blowing on my stomach and I kept laughing, for about 5-6 times. It was so cute! I think he remembered that I do that to his tummy so he was returning the favor :)

The second cute thing is captured in the Baby Album. I found him giving "besos" to his Tia Kristina in his photo album. I swear he was doing this on his own! I quickly grabbed the camera and asked him to do it again. He actually did so that's what you see. He was babbling happily and giving big "besos".

My little boy just made me very happy today. It was fun playing with him and even just watching him when he played by himself with his books, cars, or piggy bank.

Blankie is featured in our baby album. I felt the need to take its picture before its unrecognizable. James loves that thing and I worry constantly that we're going to lose it when we're out and about. So far, so good!

Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie are coming soon! I can't wait for James to see them!

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