Sunday, January 20, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

We've had a very busy week. I'm very sorry for the infrequent updates lately. I've been busier than ever at work and then concentrating on spending time with our family once we're at home after work.

We also had to get ready for Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie's visit! They arrived on Wednesday and were able to get over to Blaine on Thursday. They stayed at home with James for Thursday and Friday. It was very cute when they arrived at our door. We were waiting because we knew they were arriving that morning. James was his usual happy self and he walked to the front door to meet our company. He walked right up to his Grandpa, squealed, and then ran away. I think Grandpa was in disbelief that James was the same baby he saw last January!

Grandpa Frank and Tio Rich went on their ice fishing trip on Saturday, leaving the ladies at home with James (& Jim). James was not at his best, a little fussy but still very cute. He also stopped eating well. Well, we hope that James is back to normal very soon. I suppose its normal to have these ups and downs.

James' new repeated words: "no-no-no" and "wow". We think he's also signing "more". I have to check with Sandra to see if she is teaching James sign language but it looks like more. Jim and I have both seen James sign "more" when he was looking at his board book of sign language. He doesn't seem to be doing it to mean "more", but he does it randomly. Still, our baby is a genius and using sign language :)

Oh, and another new skill. James is able to climb on to the couch. Yikes. He pulls himself up to the couch (7 out of 10 times successfully) and then grabs every forbidden thing he can (remote controls, anything on the windowsill behind the couch) and we're afraid he's going to fall in between the couch and the wall. James definitely keeps us on our toes!

Can you believe I have not taken ONE picture since my Dad and Julie have arrived? Julie has taken some pictures and she'll email me those later. I hope to take some pictures on Tuesday when we say goodbye to them.

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