Sunday, November 30, 2014

8th Birthday Party

James originally told us that he wanted a Nerf birthday party, at home. This plan changed and he decided that he wanted his party at Grand Slam again. The invite list got longer because he has new neighborhood friends!

Jim found this cool Nerf cake topper! Perfect! So we had a Nerf themed party but at Grand Slam. I took it easy on the details because kids don't notice that kind of thing, I think it was just me that did :)


A neighbor friend, Chris, came over early to keep James busy until we had to leave. Skylanders, his new love.


From our invite list I think just one kid didn't come! 14 total with James!


They were quite the crew.





We had the party space for just an hour so we immediately the pizza, cake, and open presents. And then it was all play time!



George, a school friend.


Sawyer, a neighbor fiend.



First thing that the kids wanted to do was play laser tag. There was a huge line. James, seen here looking pretty sad, did not want to wait in line. I guess the birthday boy thought that he got special perks? Ha!


Well, he perked up. Some older boys recognize me from my school, and asked if the little kids wanted to team up with them. The older boys then divided the little kids up so that they had two teams to play laser tag. Pretty cool!


Bailey was the only girl at the party. Her twin is Sawyer. She didn't want to do laser tag so us girls hung out together and took a selfie :)


The scoreboard. The green team won! I wasn't sure what team James was on until I asked him later that night. Green team :)




I didn't get many pictures after laser tag. It was quite the challenge to keep all of the boys together and accounted for so Jim and I split up and just circled the place, watching them play in the ball pit, the bouncy area, etc. I really didn't want to lose a kid!



The parents all came to pick up their kids later. No child was lost!

The boys demolished the cake!


Some friend drawings that came with presents.




James has some good friends. I am very happy for him!

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