Wednesday, December 30, 2009

After Christmas

We've had to tell James that Christmas is over. James insists, "Santa is coming later, not today." Well, okay.

This picture came home with James from daycare. I don't know why they took the picture, but its cute!

We sent James to daycare today because it was a special Show and Tell Day and also he had Spanish class scheduled. I've been home for Winter Break and I feel guilty sending James to daycare, but I know he gets a lot out of it. He enjoys the activities, the play time with friends, and he learns a lot. I've been enjoying my days off by meeting up with friends, baking, and reading. Ahhhh.... relaxation.

James showing his Hockey claw. He also calls it his "Hockey Mitten".

I took pictures of pictures so they're a bit fuzzy. I just can't imagine what went down for Show and Tell. What did James say? Was he proud? Talkative? Shy? I'll have to ask.

I also would have liked to see the Dance Party they had today!

He's been extremely talkative lately. My family has noticed a change, even since Thanksgiving, and his daycare teachers have told me lately that he is nonstop chatter. Its not a bad thing! He keeps us on our toes :)

And notice he's getting a "Good job James!" on the potty training area of his daycare sheet. He must be using the potty well there too! He did a great job right before bed tonight. Yay James!

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