Friday, December 11, 2009


Daycare is buzzing with talk of Santa. Santa is even visiting the daycare on Saturday for a family day!

See what James had to say about Santa-

And his Christmas wish? I've never heard this at home!

When I picked up James on Wednesday he didn't want to leave. He and some buddies were racing around the Great Room on these little cars. Maybe that's what he means by a race car?

In the car, James was very quiet in the backseat. I looked behind me to see what he was doing and he was unwrapping the Hersheys kisses from his treat bag (Arthur's birthday). I didn't know he could unwrap those and he ate them all!

Pretty pleased with himself!

In all of that day's excitement (busy day at work, snow, etc.) I forgot something very important at daycare. BLANKIE. Blankie was left behind and I didn't notice until that night- too late. James has gone to bed without Blankie before with no problems, so I wasn't expecting the meltdown that happened. SCREAMING at the top of his lungs for Blankie or Dada. I'm sure he wasn't happy with ME and wanted his Dada to fix everything. I had to put James to bed crying and screaming. He wouldn't calm down. Dada went in and worked some miracle. James slept until 10:30pm and then Jim had to work his magic again. Luckily, James slept until the morning.

In the morning we "rescued" Blankie. Blankie was hidden deep in the daycare closet with the cots, blankets, and pillows. It wasn't in James' locker, like usual, so no wonder I forgot it!

James is reunited with Blankie.

Classroom decorations. James' snowflake is front and center!

We didn't forget Blankie that night. This Mama learned her lesson. James loves his Blankie!

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