Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random bits of life

I picked up James from daycare and he was playing very happily with another kid and he ran over to show me, "Look! Puppets!" It was a cute moment. I had to admire the puppet and then convince James to leave the puppet at daycare.

I saw this posted on the classroom door. I love that they talk about "current events". We knew this storm was coming and Ms. Sheana was preparing them for snow! We also brought in James' snowpants knowing they'd probably get to play outside today. Sure enough, he came home and talked about wearing his snowpants, his jacket, and his gloves when he played in the snow.

Funky Christmas week is coming!

I made a spice rub for my Crockpot Pulled Pork and when I looked at the bowl it was a heart. I couldn't miss that opportunity to take a pic!

Tonight a teacher and I took a student to JCPenney for some shopping. This is a family that has many children and they have sad circumstances that prevent the Mom from really providing her kids with the basics. Our middle school student needed undergarments, a winter coat, PANTS, etc. Its all stuff that I take for granted, you know? So we went on a shopping spree of sorts after I found the funding from my school district. I talked with the Mom and she gave me a wish list of items and sizes. We were able to buy winter coats for three of the seven kids, pajamas for four of the kids, clothing for them, and even a winter coat for the Mom. I told my teacher friend that I felt like Santa Claus when I arrived with those HUGE and MANY bags of items. The kids were wide-eyed and I know they wanted to rip into the bags. I gave them to the Mom and hoped that everything that I picked would work for the family.

Please be thankful for the shoes, the pants, the bras and chonies that you have!

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