Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Claus came to town!

On Thursday night, when I was trying to get James to go to bed, I promised that we would make gingerbread boys the next day. I didn't want to be a Mama that lies, so I did cheat a bit and buy refrigerated cut-outs and we baked them on Friday night. James had a GREAT time decorating the boys! I love that he really got into it :)

"Show me your smile!"

James' precision and concentration really amazed us. He used the frosting "glue" to attach M&M's for eyes and buttons.

Yum. The legs were quickly eaten off of this one.

James confused his holidays in this picture. He was flying his gingerbread around saying it was a ghost!

Pleased with his work.

Friday bedtime was pretty easy because we told James that Santa Claus is coming to town! On Saturday morning we headed to breakfast at our breakfast place, Carol's, with Grandma Laura. She was joining us at James' daycare for a Santa visit!

In the car, James wanted us to put our faces in the sun. It was just a silly moment and he kept insisting I put my face next to his. Gladly :)

I really appreciate that Grandma Laura took these pictures of us! Santa arrived at the same time, and James was VERY excited to see him but when it came down to sitting on his lap- not so much! Santa told ME to sit on his lap with James, and Jim got Mrs. Claus. I was really afraid we were crushing Santa, but we got a few pictures in. Thanks Grandma Laura! The daycare also took some pictures but I probably won't see those for a while.

I told James to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. In the car he told us, "Presents! Toys! Big presents!" In front of his Santa he was shy but he did whisper, "Toys."

We wanted to show Grandma the classroom that James spends his day in, but we also thought we'd join the others for the breakfast and crafts. It turned out that James was happiest in his familiar classroom and we spent just a little bit playing and admiring the artwork and toys.

The class has a new pet! The fish was named Reef.

A welcome sign from the Orange Room.

James' handprint is in the top right corner.

A picture from one of their "science experiments". I think they put food coloring and snow in a bucket?

Jim and I were trying to guess which gingerbread boy was James', based on what we know of his coloring habits. We were both wrong. James made the all-white gingerbread boy at the top left of this picture.

Grandma Laura loved watching James play and she also loved the school. We all agree that its a wonderful place for James to play and learn. Its very cheerful, organized, and stimulating! He's a very lucky boy!

We spent less time at the daycare party than we thought so when we got home we had a great time playing outside in the snow! We all bundled up in our warmest outerwear.

The snow wasn't the best snow for snowballs or snowmen but we had fun.

There wasn't much snow in the backyard but it was just enough for a few sled rides down the hill!

This Mama even got on the sled!

James loved going down the hill by himself!

I'm sorry that for this video the camera lens was smudgy.

Snowball fight!

I think James REALLY wanted to surf down the hill. Umm, no.

Snow angel?

At the end of our fun, James hitched a ride across the yard and up the hill. Its exhausting to be THREE!

As James would say, "What a great day!"

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