Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Our boy is much too big lately for naps. He doesn't mess around. On weekends we've been trying to lay him down, but without much success. He gets up almost immediately and stands at the top of the catwalk, with his small little voice he'll say something like, "Mama, I not sleeping." I've tried to put him back in his bed but he'll get up again. We just figure he doesn't want to miss out on the fun!

On Sunday, after a nap refusal, I let James watch his beloved Lazytown show and suddenly the chattering stopped. I looked over and found him slumped over, sleeping!

Still a little boy after all :) I turned down the TV and whispered to Jim to stay quiet. We let him sleep for about 30 minutes and then he just woke up and sat quietly.

So about Lazytown. Its a nonsense show. There is a very sporty character who is always doing flips, push-ups, and activity. He twirls around a room and does his thing. James has started to be like "Sportacus" and runs across a room, does a little attempt at a cartwheel. His daycare teacher even commented, "James just can't cross a room without a little something extra." Yeah :)

While Jim was out of town I needed to update him TWICE that James peed on the potty! I kneel down next to James when he's on the potty to encourage him to pee and the last two nights he actually did! He seemed to look down at his penis and really concentrate and all of a sudden a stream! It wasn't quite making it into the toilet so I did have to use my finger to help umm, point him down. Gladly! Praise! Sticker! Yay!

Today I had a great day with my students. We first went to the Penumbra Theater for "Black Nativity"- it was a play just FULL of gospel, jazz, and dance. It was an all Black cast and I hope my students noticed that. We'll need to talk about it tomorrow. After that we ate our lunches and then headed over to Rice Park for a little outdoor ice skating. I didn't skate but I was happy to watch my students, many of whom had never skated before! I took lots of pictures but here are some of my favorites.

My student Christian (black coat) had never skated before. He was pretty resistant to trying. He sat and watched for a while before he quietly put on his skates and just showed up on the rink. I was so grateful that the other students didn't fuss over this and one boy helped him get the hang of it. Christian declared ice skating "fun" but then took off his skates after only 10-15 minutes. Hey, he tried something new! I was very proud!

Alexis, Rodney, Rachel. Beautiful kids. Truly!

Four more days of school until winter break! I have an especially hard day tomorrow but I just need to get through it.

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