Wednesday, December 30, 2009


James had Spanish class and he hasn't really shared what he learned today but I know he enjoys the class. It reminded me of the funny thing he said the other day when he and his Dada were wrestling/tickling each other on the floor.

James yelled to me, "Ayudame! Ayudame!"
Translation: Help me! Help me!

I think he learned THAT from Dora. But he has surprised me with the colors (recently a new one- cafe) and another word that I can't recall right now. I just really enjoy knowing that this sweet little boy is learning!

I'm just a proud Mama!

I tried a recipe today that I had bookmarked, I knew I wanted to try it and it was a perfect day to do it. I have a fear of working with yeast but I think it turned out well! These are called Cinnamon Pan Dulce, or Mexican Sweet Bread. I have fond memories of eating these with my Grandma and family.

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