Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

We drove over the river and definitely through the snow to get to Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Larry's house for Christmas Day. We had so much snow coming down but luckily the drive wasn't too bad.

James immediately saw the presents and it was so hard to keep him calm and out of them! Grandma Rosie let James (and the rest of us) open our stockings. Wow! Lots of good stuff!

The shopping cart was next. James discovered that it was all for him and Grandma gave him some presents to load up.

He loved loading and unloading. Stacking. Piling. Sorting.

I thought those were all of his presents. Nope. There were more. Lots more!

We had our Christmas toast, James too!

James admires the presents and Christmas tree.

Grandma recruited James to help hand out the presents.

This present is for ChaCha!

Wow! Presents from Tia Kiki and Tio Gilbert in Japan! He received lots of goodies like chopsticks!

Wow! A recorder! Thanks Tia Kiki!

Grandma Rosie received the Ultimate Brag Book from James.

Throwing tissue paper and wrappings is fun!

Whoa! A MN Wild claw!


Grandpa Larry is a Harley Dude.

Silly Tio Rich and Tia ChaCha!

Family portrait. We need to take more of these!

Ana made her own mistletoe barrette!

Grandma Rosie reviews the year with James. What a great year!

Japanese loot!

Thanks to all of our familia for the best Christmas ever!

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