Monday, December 28, 2009

Potty (TMI warning)

James is doing so much better with his potty training! He has successfully peed in the potty every day for the last few days! He loves getting his stickers! The funny thing is that James now asks for "privacy" (piiiiacy) and so I leave him alone on the potty. I do peek at him through the crack in the door and I have watched him concentrate and then pee. He has a brief moment of surprise when the stream starts but then he pushes his little penis down. Most of it is getting into the potty and I've noticed his diapers/pull-ups are less full.

Today he asked to go to the potty immediately after arriving home from daycare. He sat on the potty in privacy but I don't think he went. I was just glad that he is deviating from his very strict routine of just going potty right before bedtime. I haven't wanted to force him on the potty, but really he doesn't want to go any other time but at bedtime. I'm hoping to encourage him to go to the potty several times a night now.

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