Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve and Eve

Christmas isn't all about food but it does give me a great excuse to make the things that I've always wanted to make!

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for the office potluck. I figured the Red Velvet was kind of Christmas-y. I was going to put Christmas sprinkles on top but I didn't want to mess with the pretty frosting swirls. One cupcake is missing because I had to taste test!

I also made Peppermint Marshmallows for some teacher friends. I put them in little cellophane bags, tied them with Christmas ribbon, and made gift tags with a rubber stamp. Just a little something for the wonderful people that I work with!

On Christmas Eve Eve day Jim helped me make my Christmas cookies. Here is the work station for the sugar cookies.

One of the cookie trays for our familia:

We put out Christmas cookies for Santa on that same Christmas Eve Eve because we would have two Christmases with our families and we wanted to make sure James knew that Santa was coming tomorrow!

Jim pretends to "swipe" the cookies. "There's no swiping on Christmas, Dada!" (from Dora's Christmas Carol)

So pleased!

The cookies and milk for Santa.


The next morning the cookies were magically gone!

And looking up at the stockings, they were full! Santa came!

Jim had a very big, wonderful surprise for us! We are going to Hawaii in August!!! We won the rights to a week at his company's beach house. Wow! What a surprise! James is one lucky boy to have gone to California twice and now Hawaii- all before he is FOUR. So lucky :)

The stockings just HAD TO have a Christmas orange! I didn't know I would be creating a monster with these oranges. James became obsessed with them, eating around 6 or 7 of them that day and now he insists on carrying 1-2 of them around with him at all times. Argh.

I received a Hawaii book too. I need to study up on the things to do!

Wow, a giant Hershey's kiss! That's a lot of chocolate!

We received quite a bit of snow for our Christmas week. We joined Jim outside to "help" shovel and clear the driveway. James found this large snow hill to be the most fun. He slid down the hill like it was a slide!

We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma Laura's house. Uncle Joe, Grandpa Roger, and Linda were there too. I prepped James in the car about the presents but also that we would share the presents (i.e. they aren't all for him!)

James hands Grandpa Roger a gift. What a nice elf!

Let me help you, Uncle Joe!

Wow! What a big present! Just what he asked for :)

Cool! An air hockey table from Santa! (Mama and Dada)

Grandma Laura had some very nice Christmas decorations. My favorites have always been the fancy Christmas trees made from costume jewelry.

Grandpa Roger and Linda gave James this air rifle. Fun!

Grandpa Roger wanted me to take this picture of the dessert Linda brought. Its a chocolate cake, mousse, and Heath bar trifle!

I regret that I didn't take more posed pictures of the family. I need to get better at doing this!

It was a wonderful Christmas at Grandma's!

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