Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Water Playdate

A bunch of (teacher) friends got together for a playdate in late June. It was a perfect day for lots of little kiddies to get together for a kiddie pool, water balloons, and water gun fights. James' friend Ryan was there of course, and some new ones! James really looks up to this older boy, Lucas.


Lucas was one of the host kids. He was super kind and helpful with the little ones. He let James crawl all over his bunk bed and play with his cool toys. Actually, I was very proud of James for hanging with the big boys (Lucas and a neighbor friend) and then beating them in a game of put put golf! :)

Back to the water fun... There were probably six of us Moms with our assorted age kids. Ages 1-12? A couple of kids aren't pictured. But they were so darn cute!


There were umbrella drinks for the Moms :)


And James was inspired. He asked very nicely if we could stop and get a water balloon pump. What the heck! Done!


I'm so grateful for good friends and playmates for James!


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