Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Lessons

We didn't go heavy on the lessons and things for the summer. James has a weekly swim lesson and then weekly golf lessons (but only for 5 weeks). He has been enjoying both of them!


He's getting quite accomplished at swimming. I think he's also gaining a lot of strength.


I didn't know what to expect for his first golf lesson. The lessons are at the Bunker golf course. He is one of the youngest in the class. They immediately split up into two age groups, 5-8, and then 9-12.


Here is James practicing his putting before the class began.


The instructors group the kids together and explain what's going down that day.


The lesson is 90 minutes long. Most of the parents dropped off their children quickly and took off. SEEYA. I have never done that before so the first day I did stick around. I pulled out a folding chair from the trunk and settled down with some reading. It was pretty hot!


He's had a few lessons since then and has been doing well! He really does love individual sports. I love that he's not getting tackled :)


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