Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Warm Fuzzies

Warm fuzzies means something different to James. He calls his pile of stuffed animals and any blanket and pillow he can find his "warm fuzzies". He loves to sit, lay, and play in it. The warm fuzzies pile has traveled from his closet, to the living room floor, and back and forth.



The biggest and most favorite warm fuzzy right now is Mario. He goes everywhere with us. Some times he doesn't leave the car, but if it's appropriate he's allowed into stores and other places.

Waiting for an oil change-



Girly girl store called Patina. James was the Man sitting on an armchair, waiting for ME to shop.


Playing video games.


At a juggling show-


There is his new bestie Ryan! James and my friend Ann's son, Ryan, have hit it off! Ryan is slightly younger and they get along so well! We've seen them at least once a week since summer began.


Warm fuzzies and watching TV.


At Target-


And getting a beatdown from Superman!


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