Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I had one of those Groupon deals for the Mirror Maze at the Mall of America. We enjoyed it very much! It was relatively short but by doubling back we extended our mirror fun (the front desk girl said to do this).

We had to wear plastic gloves to not fingerprint the mirrors. This made a lot of sense because we had to walk around with our hands in front of us because we really couldn't tell which way was which!




Oh and then right next to the Mirror Maze place was a FUN EXCITING store. It was full of gamer toys and things. James picked out this Mario "Yoshi" to add to his Mario Bros collection. He used some of his allowance money and Mom (sucka!) threw in a few dollars too.


Oh and then! We found James' version of Heaven. I didn't get an overall picture of this area but it was called the Wii U Summer Tour. It was an area right in the Mall with the latest Wii U console and some interactive games and photo areas. James got to play the Nintendo 3DS. It was hard to tear him away...


But then he spied the Super Mario Bros Wii U game that he JUST HAD TO try!


To be polite I would steer James away from each area after a few minutes, to give other kids a chance to play. So we went to the next area, even though it was the same video game :) This young man was SUPER IMPRESSED with James' gaming skills. He said for someone so young, and not knowing the game, he sure was pretty good!


And then I thought this area was the cutest! They had these props to make it look like you were really in the game! James willingly put on the Mario hat and gloves and pretended to pop out of the tube!




He couldn't quite jump up and hit the ? box (like in the game) so I had to put down my camera and lift him up. And then he was happy!


This is the official photo that I was sent..


So I finally got James away from the Wii U area and I agreed to just "look" in the Lego store. And then we ran into MORE Nintendo 3DS systems. This time it was advertising the Lego City game.


I think it is inevitable that James will get this system. He is saving his allowance to buy it, maybe around his birthday time. Probably with some help from Mom and Dad, though he doesn't know that yet!


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