Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Golf and Bestie Playdate

New golf clubs! His golf clubs were noticeably smaller than the other boys', not that it's a competition! But I did ask the golf pro's advice and he did say to go up a size. These clubs are for ages 7-10, I think.


All the golf club bags look alike so I had the idea to add his Angry Birds clip to his bag, so he would be able to find his bag easily. It worked!


Coming back from the far range, after the 90 minutes. Sweaty and exhausted!


And with a golf blister! The golf pro told me he needed a bandaid.


James didn't stay exhausted for too long because we had a playdate all set up with his new bestie, Ryan!

It is so cute. They greet each other with hugs. Ryan with literally waiting for James on his front lawn, so excited.

They quickly ran off to play and I got to visit quite a bit with my friend Ann! WIN WIN!



Super Hero Face-Off!


We headed to a nearby playground. The boys played hard and then stopped to rest in the shade.


The Moms were encouraged to do the same, and James captured the following picture.


And Ann took this one..


A playdate must include ice cream!


What a happy, lucky and good boy I have!


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