Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Alpine Slides, 1st stop!

For the 4th of July weekend my wonderful husband arranged for us to have a quick vacation in Duluth. I was very surprised since we are Paris-bound just two weeks after that! It was so nice to have this together time with James before we go!

Our first stop was Spirit Mountain, or specifically the Timber Twister alpine slides! We tried the alpine slides at Wild Mountain, Taylor Falls but I found that I appreciate these slides so much more! They just seem so much more modern and most importantly safer! (And I didn't have to ride up that dang chair lift that terrified me in TF!)

James chose me to go with him first. Yay me.


I'm pretty sure I was the slower parent. I kept that safety/brake close and used it often on those turns. It was about a 7 minute ride, about half of it going back up the mountain on autopilot, and fairly slow. It was a very pretty track!


And then Dad gets his turn.


The alpine ride has an automatic picture taker, much like roller coasters at theme parks. Jim and James had a great picture!


James loved it! They even got a bonus ride because the ticket operator got confused/busy and forgot to take their tickets the first time.


James told me that Dad let the ride go a lot faster than I did! Fearless, those boys.

And can you believe that the camera malfunctioned or something for MY ride with James? They offered to let us go down another time, to get the picture, but I quietly declined!

Note for anyone interested in this area: We ate at the restaurant on site (but down the mountain), and it was just okay. Not kid friendly at all. And nothing to write home about!

But the alpine slides were great! If you like this sort of thing, and my boys do! :)


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