Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Taylors Falls

Last weekend- we knew it would be a chilly fall day but there isn't much outside time left in the year.  I LOVE FALL!  My Jimmy knew this and arranged for a fun fall day for our family.

We headed to Taylors Falls (about an hour drive) to enjoy the fall leaves, some outside fun, and of course, each other!

Up first- we went to Wild Mountain to ride on the alpine slides!  These pictures are from the second time down the slides.  The first time I was so terrified on the chair lift that I basically clutched the "oh shit" arm rail and had one arm around James as we made it up the hill.  Why weren't there safety rails?!  It's just a lawsuit ready to happen!

I watched my boys go up the hill and I prayed.  Yes, I prayed.  I am not a religious girl but I prayed just in case.  It was a long time before I saw them coming down the hill.  Too long!  I was getting worried but I have faith in my Jimmy that he would keep James safe on the chair lift and then the slides.

I finally spied them coming down the hill!  The sled goes so fast that I couldn't focus well on them but I managed a few shots.

The first time down the slide I had James on my lap.  I didn't know how to work the sled so I'm afraid we never gained much speed.  I think James had much more fun with his Dad!

After the alpine slide we headed over to the St. Croix river for a boat cruise.

James loves to crunch the leaves!  He insists on stomping on every leaf he sees.  EVERY LEAF.

Yay!  I'm in a picture!

James was excited to spy the boat!

Bundled up inside the boat.  We stayed inside the boat for most of the cruise.  We could see the fall leaves, birds, people hiking, and just about everything perfectly well from the windows.

After a while we did venture up to the top of the boat to get closer looks at the cliffs, the river, etc.

The fall colors didn't really translate in my pictures but it was beautiful!  We may have missed the peak but it was still beautiful.

Crazy rock climbers!

The ride home was awesome.  I felt like we were driving through a magical forest!  James fell asleep.  It was a busy day for him :)

Thank you Jimmy for a wonderful day!

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