Thursday, October 18, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference

We had our first parent conference with James' kindergarten teacher, Señora Kennedy, on Monday night.

First, we stopped by the book fair. James had already been there with his special guest, Uncle Joe. We had a chance to invite a guest to a special donut breakfast, book fair preview, and then the morning class meeting. Uncle Joe reported back that it was a great morning! James picked out two books with Uncle Joe's help. Thank you :)

James pointed us to his classroom. I'm so proud of him that he knows his way around now! It's a big school.

We found his artwork outside of the classroom.

My little James IS SWEET!

Artwork inside the classroom.


So Señora Kennedy only said the most wonderful things about James. She told us that she thought James might be a shy kid when she first met him, but he has proved to be a great student- he participates, he speaks up, he holds his own with his group of boys at the table. I was so very glad to hear all this. He is really going to do well!


With her help we were also able to identify James' friends in his classroom for his upcoming birthday party!


The next day James wanted to go back to the book fair, with his own money, to buy a Pokemon book :)


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