Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I'm enjoying the worksheets that are coming home with James each day. We are hearing about the Spanish words that he is learning each day. Most of the time I know them. A couple of times I know he hasn't had the words right. Conejo, I know means rabbit. He insisted it was dog. I hope that sort of thing gets sorted out at school eventually. He just wouldn't believe me that I was right.

And then we get Spanish library books. I saw this one and I thought ¡No problemo!

And then it was hard! My Spanish is rusty but there were several long words that I stumbled over. YIKES!

So I know a little Spanish... how are other parents doing with these books? I don't want to mess up on pronunciations. I think I need to consult with the teacher about whether we should be attempting to read the Spanish to James, or if we should try and tell the story from the pictures.

I know it seems silly that I can't even understand a kid's book. I'm actually a little embarrassed about that.

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