Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesdays with Mommy

I always think Tuesdays should be special because they are Mom & James days, but even with good intentions it is always games, play, and watching a tv show before bedtime. I should know that I don't need to plan an elaborate craft or activity... it's really just spending time with James that matters.

I can spend two minutes "spinning" with James before bedtime and he's happy. He BEGS me to do this. On this night I brought my camera upstairs to see if I could take some decent action shots. So we spin around the room with him in my arms and then collapse on to his bed.

Oh, the giggles!



"Mom, are you sure we can't do that again? I'm not dizzy!"

On this night too we read his very first library book from his school. This was a long Seuss book. Kind of nonsensical, but aren't they all??


Good times!

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