Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More Lunches

I haven't been taking pictures every day any more. The meals are starting to repeat.

I'm involving James, as much as I can, in the food decisions. He goes with me to the grocery stores and he picks out his treats. The juice pouches are the ones with less sugar (and vegetable juices), the apple cider has no added sugar, the shredded cheese he picks out, he always loves strawberries, and I'll buy the occasional treat like Cheetos, Angry Birds cheese crackers, etc. I don't love those purchases but in small quantities James does okay with them :)

I'm still using the tools that I have- cookie cutters, food picks, cute containers, etc.

Rolled up ham, shredded cheese, bell pepper and tomatoes with ranch dressing (in cute rabbit orange container), strawberries, juice pouch.

Cooked chicken pieces and bell peppers with ranch dressing, shredded cheese, strawberries, juice pouch, and Scrabble chocolate for a surprise!

Pasta and sauce, natural applesauce cup, apple cider, yogurt stick, and Scrabble chocolate. Pretzels for snack.

Breakfast for lunch! Chocolate chip pancake balls, scrambled eggs (James decided he wasn't a fan of cold eggs), strawberries, juice pouch, and Chocolate money for a surprise. Fruit snacks and Cheetos for a snack.

Spaghetti and sauce, apple slices, juice pouch, and Cheetos. Goldfish for a snack.

Car Peanut Butter Sandwich (cookie cutter!), natural applesauce cup, juice pouch, chocolate money, goldfish. Angry Birds crackers for snacks.

Tortellini (James pick) and sauce, yogurt cup, strawberries, juice pouch. Banana for snack.

Mickey Mouse PB sandwich, pudding cup, mandarin oranges, juice pouch, and Panda cookies for a surprise! The Panda cookies are from World Market, they are chocolate filled cookies.

Chocolate chip pancake balls, hard boiled egg (James decided he likes!), strawberries, and Panda cookies for a surprise. This was James' first day to buy chocolate milk. We put his PIN number in his pocket and hoped a kind adult would help him.

Star Wars PB sandwiches, strawberries, juice pouch, yogurt stick, and mini chocolate cupcakes for a surprise!

Tomorrow's lunch- Chocolate chip pancake balls, hard boiled egg (heart shaped! Another Bento toy from Tia Kiki :), strawberries, shredded cheese, natural apple juice, and chocolate balls for a surprise! Pretzels for snack.


Jim has put together a few lunches now too. Sometimes I get lazy :)

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