Tuesday, June 28, 2011

T-Ball Game

SIGH OF RELIEF. T-ball was a success :) Jim and I both gave separate pep talks to James about participating in t-ball. On the way to his practice today James told me, "Daddy said I should be brave at baseball."

And he was brave! I was able to sit with the other Moms on the sidelines and just watch my beautiful son play t-ball! He waved at me constantly, gave me the thumbs up once (haha), and blew me a kiss several times. Awwww!

First, a little warm up with one of the Coaches.

Group huddle explaining that they will play in the field.

This Coach drew a circle in the sand for each kid and told them that it was their position to stand in for the game. James is standing in his circle.

And he never left his circle! I think he took it very literally that he should stand there. I almost intervened and tried to tell a coach that he should be encouraged to move around and catch balls, but I didn't want to ruin his new found independence. I stayed put.

Waiting to bat.

On first base!

Did you see in the videos that he never let go of the bat? They had to take it out of his hands at first base. Haha. And then I'm not sure if he ever made it to 2nd base. I think he wandered around a bit before the coaches noticed him but at least he made it to Home Plate!

Shaking hands with the Yellow Team (aka Macaroni & Cheese, as they called themselves). The Orange Team doesn't have a nickname, but that's okay, James said.

Group huddle.

"Mom! Did you see me?!"

Yes I did! I was so proud :)

Snacks after the Big Game, from the Coaches.

We hit the playground right next to the baseball field.

Jazz Hands!

Hi Mom.

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