Monday, June 27, 2011

We're in the $$$$

Because we're not buying diapers or nighttime pull-ups anymore!

I told James that after vacation he is a big BIG boy and would just wear underwear to bed. James actually reminded me about this when we came back. I had purposely waited two nights to get used to the time zone change and for all of us to get some good nights of sleep (anticipating that we might need to get up several times in the night to change sheets, help him to the potty, etc.)

This is the picture I took of James in his underwear on the first night. He was pretty darn proud of himself.

This is his self-portrait.

Results from Night 1: Bedtime at 8pm. I checked on him at 10pm and he had wet the bed already :( I woke him up, took him to the potty, and changed his sheets. He is pretty groggy but cooperative. No accidents the rest of the night. But he was slightly wet AFTER he woke up. Ooops.

Results from Night 2: A friend suggested restricting James' liquids in the late afternoon/night. After dinner he was only allowed sips of water if he was thirsty. Bedtime at 8pm. I checked on him at 10pm and he was dry! I tried to whisper to him, asking if he needed to go potty. He sleeps pretty hard so no answer. I tried again at 10:15ish and finally pulled him up to wake up. He didn't say a word but staggered to the potty. He went and then stumbled back to bed. Dry until the morning but again slightly wet AFTER he woke up. Mental note: Encourage him to go potty first thing when he wakes up.

Results from Night 3: Same as Night 2 but NOT wet in the morning! It is so hard to wake him up at the 10pm check. He is such a heavy sleeper! He reminds me of his Tia Kiki :)

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