Monday, June 27, 2011

Disneyland, AKA Mickey Mouse's Castle

For weeks we had been telling James we were going to Mickey Mouse's castle for vacation- never mind that I think it is technically Cinderella's castle? Anyway...

The day finally arrived! We goofed about the opening time, thinking it was 10am and not the actual 8am, so we arrived after the opening. It was crazy busy and HOT. I think Mondays are just a busy day for the Park and there seemed to be a lot of school-age kids on a field trip. It was an enjoyable day but not leisurely. We went on a few rides and then called it a day. We were determined to be at the park for the opening on Tuesday and hoped for a good day again.

Tuesday WAS a much better day! It wasn't as crazy busy or hot. We were there before the official opening and were able to get a picture with Mickey before 8am! Mickey appeared out of nowhere and once James saw him he really did want to take a picture. We took an awesome picture :) It was one thing I had on my mental checklist of must-do's, so I was thrilled! (Otherwise it was like an hour wait at Mickey's House in ToonTown to get face to face time.)

Afterwards we headed straight for the other priority on our list, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters ride! We were again pleasantly surprised with NO LINE! We jumped right on the ride and had a great time blasting away at aliens. Well, Jim and I did. James sat between us and watched, his choice. By 8:15 we had done two major things on my mental checklist. When Mommy is happy... everyone is happy!

The rest of the day and rides were great. Short to medium sized lines for the rides, and most of them were family style- where all three of us could go on together. I think James appreciated that.

Speaking of James and rides, he was okay for rides. We were careful to choose small, not too scary rides. Our first ride at Disneyland was the Pirates of the Caribbean on the first day. James said it was "too scary". It was dark, kinda creepy, and with some unexpected log chute drops. Ooops. I was a little anxious myself so I was kind of sorry to put James through that. I hoped it wouldn't ruin the rest of the rides and I was glad it didn't. It really wasn't scary, the content I mean. Sometimes James was a little stinker. He is 4 years old, after all. He insisted on us putting arms across him (like a shoulder seatbelt!) to protect him on the other rides. It was cute.

But the two days were awesome, wonderful, and a great experience for James. He is such a lucky little boy to have been on FOUR vacations now in his short little life. His Daddy is so good to him! Mommy isn't so bad either :)

If you ask James I think he would tell you the best parts of vacation were: staying up late each night, the toys he got at each major park (SD Zoo, Legoland, Disneyland), and all the ice cream cones.

My favorite parts of our vacation: seeing everything through James' eyes, introducing him to characters like Pooh and Pinocchio, and remembering my own childhood trips to the Zoo and Disneyland. Oh, and buying him Mickey Mouse ears. I think every kid should have them :)

Maybe Jim can comment on his favorite parts?

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