Saturday, June 25, 2011

Traveling to San Diego

This time around the travel was much easier. We don't need to carry as much for James and he is able to carry his own backpack. (Well, we had that idea anyway. He didn't end up carrying much more than his Blankie most of the time. Thumbs down!)

The shuttle bus to the airport, what a fun ride!

Chillin' on the airplane with a Clifford video.

It was a pretty easy plane ride and then rental car experience. We drove about 40 minutes to our first destination- Farrell's for dinner! Jim and I both have Farrell's memories from our youth so we were excited to introduce James to the sirens, the drums, and the ice cream!

What's going on over there??

Ooooh Daddy got a chocolate malt!

It was someone's birthday so we did get to hear the sirens, the drums, and the singing. It wasn't exactly how I remembered it, but maybe when I was a little kid it seemed louder and more exciting?

Balloon animal- a snake!

We ate too much for our meal. After we were stuffed I thought that maybe we should have shared a meal and then split an incredible ice cream creation. I settled for a hot fudge sundae, sharing with James. BUT James didn't want anything to do with the hot fudge, the whipped cream, the nuts. And actually the ice cream didn't pass his inspection either because it was "yellow", not white vanilla. Little stinker...

We arrived at our SD hotel a bit later and it was just as we remembered from our last visit. This time James got his own pull-out bed. He was quite happy with it. He is watching one of his shows before bedtime, with his stuffed Clifford.

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