Saturday, June 25, 2011

SD Air & Space Museum & Chillaxin'

Our trip to San Diego would not be complete without a trip to The Hash House. The pancake was as monstrous as I remembered and yet I still ordered it. Jim and I went in there with a plan to share a breakfast and then we were dazzled by the menu and all plans went out the window. Oh well. We were in pancake overload but happy!

I loved the Gay Pride flags all over the 'hood we stayed in.

I wasn't too proud of this grocery store run. Junk and alcohol. Hey, whatever gets you through vacation, right?

Jim found a cool museum that we thought James would enjoy too because he loves astronauts and has taken an interest in planets, comets, stars, etc. (We hope to get a telescope one day. I think both of us have ALWAYS wanted one but we want the RIGHT one. Someday.)

Anyway, the SD Air & Space Museum was very cool. It was jam packed with cool old airplanes and space items. We could spent all day (and more) there reading all the information, but James walks through pretty quickly and leapt from one cool thing to another.

Trying out an astronaut bed.

Pretending to eat astronaut food.

The Red Baron!

A history of flight attendant uniforms. I bet the miniskirts were popular!

James really enjoyed the children's area. He LOVED this space ship house.

He really had so much fun manipulating the "floating" balls.

We saw a very cool 4D short film. The seats moved, water droplets were blasted at us, the wind blew, and the movie was in 3D. I think James was a little stunned but he did well. It was like an amusement park ride.

James and I posed in a helicopter. For James this fulfilled a lifelong dream. He had JUST told me, "I always wanted to ride in a helicopter". And there it was!

James and his Daddy in the air tower. The tower overlooked the entire museum space.

It was a great museum!

The day flew by and soon enough it was dinner. We relaxed at the hotel for a bit and then headed downstairs for the hotel's complimentary BBQ. It was so nice not to worry about finding food and everything was good. We sat poolside and enjoyed each other.

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