Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jam Packed Day

On a Saturday (6/4) Jim was out of town so James and I hopped in the car and had many adventures.

First we went to a "donut restaurant". This was very exciting. We took donuts to go and went to visit my (former) student Catherine and her newborn Juliano. James was great using his quiet voice around the baby and even looked at the baby briefly. He wasn't very interested. Ha.
We headed to the Mall of America's Sealife Park. I have a free season pass since I'm a school employee so I added James to my account for another $10. We can now go to the aquarium anytime we want!


James sat in the glass cubby.


We spied a simulation ride and James really surprised me by wanting to ride it. We prepared for a bumpy ride!


I was a little worried when I saw him panicking.

But it quickly became a fun thrill ride

The nice employee took our picture outside the ride.

Ooooh jellyfish.

James wasn't scared of the aquarium tunnel, but he started to pout and refused to move forward. It was hard not to laugh.

After the aquarium we got in the car and just drove. We ended up in Uptown and ate at a Vietnamese restaurant because James wanted "cream cheese chips" (wontons).

Looking at the city.

And then since we were so close, I drove us to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (AKA one of my favorite places in the world). I was so excited to share this place with James.

He really could care less. Ha! He took SOME interest in the art but was disappointed that there were no finger paintings. Silly kid.

James was unimpressed by Frank. He chose to pick his nose instead.

The best part of the museum? Finding a stick in the parking lot grass!

Uptown again. Sonny's Ice Cream.

Our last stop was the Lions Park playground in Coon Rapids.

Tongue out, really concentrating.

He was trying to kick me, playfully.

What a great day!

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