Monday, June 27, 2011

For the Love of Krispie Bars

I'll admit that James was pretty spoiled for the whole trip. There was an abundance of sweets, treats, snacks, not-so-balanced meals but frankly we didn't worry about it. There's not much to order for a picky kid at restaurants and my feeling is that if he's hungry he'll eat eventually. We bought fruit when we could (Disneyland was AWESOME about having healthy snacks around- grapes, pineapple wedges, craisins, trail mixes, etc.), and we offered everything that we ate to James.

So we tried when it came to food but nothing compared to the KRISPIE BAR. OMG. James was a little obsessed with his rice krispie bars. We brought a few of them for snacks because somewhere he had them (at daycare?) and he kept talking about them. I surprised him on the plane with one.

When we got home I told Jim that we were going on vegetable and homecooking overload. I've been making GOOD meals every night since.

But I did indulge my little guy one day. I had the ingredients to make Rice Krispie bars. James helped. He loves to help!

And guess what?

He said they were YUCKY.

They obviously were not as sugary and artificial tasting as the packaged ones. I read that you can freeze rice krispie bars so I did freeze a majority of them for adult snacking :)

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