Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 5 in Orlando, Disney MGM Studios! Part 1

Our last full day! It's a big one! We hoped Mondays wouldn't be as busy as a weekend day, and I think we were right. It was busy but not suffocating. Hot though :)

Mickey's Apprentice hat!

Jim found out that the Toy Story ride was the busiest, most sought after ride. So we headed straight for the ride hoping to avoid long lines later. We were thrilled that it was pretty short! BUT James was fussing. He was worried that the ride was going to be scary, especially since there was shooting involved. It was a 3D interactive ride of shooting Toy Story related targets, sort of carnival-like. I had one of the workers reassure us that it wasn't scary. We got James on the ride and of course he LOVED it.

But look at the cool decorations while waiting in line! Barrel of monkeys in the upper right, Scrabble tile ceiling, and...

Mr. Potato Head! I had to edit the picture because it turned out dark.

Outside the ride there was another Scrabble board so I had my Scrabble-enthusiast husband pose beneath it :)

Also some army guys on top. James really liked those.

Our next stop was the Disney Jr show! Of all the Disney parks Jim figured we'd enjoy the MGM studios because of the focus on Disney Jr and shows in general. James enjoys a ride or two but he doesn't gravitate towards them.

This Disney Jr show was perfect for James! Characters in the form of puppets from a few of his favorite shows were on stage, and the kids were asked to sing along and interact with the show. We sat in the front row, on the floor, and maybe the stage was a bit hard to see in some spots but it was great fun for James!

During the Jake and the Neverland Pirates part the kids were asked to use their telescopes to find something. James played along.

The host was very perky.


The main reason for the MGM Studios (me thinks)? STAR TOURS. Of course Jim needed to ride again! And with his Lego lovin', Star Wars geeky son? PRICELESS.

I think Jim wanted to pose on the speeder too, but the line of kids...

This was outside the SW ride. We hoped James would love the ride. I knew it would be a bit fast and high energy, but I hoped he would be thrilled.

We saw C3PO right away! I told James he would be our tour guide in the ship.

Ahhhhhh the ship!

In line.

The verdict? HE LOVED IT. Seriously. The ride is a 3D simulator. We watched on screen while we hurled through space at lightspeed, we almost crashed into Hoth, and the Death Star used its tractor beam to bring us in. I thought he'd be scared and I had a hand on his leg to comfort him, but every time I looked at James' face he had a look of glee!

I'm so glad we went on the ride! I remember in California Jim went on the ride by himself while I stayed with James. He waited in a line for over an hour! This time we waited about 10 minutes. Yay!

We were also very excited to see the Indiana Jones show. It was a stunt show full of explosions, fight scenes, and tumbling. James is familiar with Indiana Jones through youtube because it's a line of Legos of course!


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