Thursday, August 2, 2012

1st Day in Orlando

We headed out really really early (earlier than the crack!) on a Thursday morning for Orlando. We were out of the house by 5am! Such an early start meant that we had plenty of time on our first day for adventures!

The Disney sign was one of the first things we saw once we cleared the airport and toll roads! I think I was more excited than James at this point.

We had lots of time before we could check into the hotel at 4pm so we headed to Downtown Disney to wander through the shops and have a snack.

We should have figured that as soon as James spied the HUGE Lego shop he'd want to dig in that wallet of his!

He surprised us by only wanting a smallish set, leaving money for another day.

We had some of the best ice cream ever at the Ghiradelli soda shop.

Here's a shot of the Lego set that James couldn't wait to get his hands in! We made him wait until we arrived at the hotel. Cruel parents :)

Downtown Disney was bustling. Lots of great shops. It was VERY HOT so we didn't linger. We were able to check in to the hotel right at 4pm. Our room was great! Lots of room for our short stay.

James LOVED his bunk bed! We weren't sure about his sleeping up there, but we did let him watch TV and play up there. He eventually learned how to climb up and down by himself. It was pretty steep though.

Our view of the pool! This is only one of the five pools within the resort. (We would end up visiting three of them.) We ate an early dinner and headed right down, after James built his Lego set of course.

At night, like clockwork at 9pm, we would hear and SEE the Disney Epcot fireworks show. James showed little interest in them so we were glad we didn't make an effort to go to them. But how cool to see fireworks every night!

Great first day!

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