Friday, August 3, 2012

It's a Boy!

I mean that yesterday we did a typical boy thing. I don't like to assign kinds of play by gender, but frog and bug catching seems very boy-ish to me.

We caught a frog! A teeny tiny frog! I didn't have any experience with this so I had to google what a frog would eat. I quickly learned that we wouldn't be able to keep him. (Him, James insisted.) Live bugs? Daily? Not possible so I got James ready to release him later in the day.

We waited to show "Freddie the Frog" to Dad. In the meanwhile James thought Freddie would like to see his battle droid. And we put some flowers next to the bowl so "he can see nature".

We released him because probably his Mommy was looking for him. It was the kind thing to do!


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